Week 2 – Provo, UT MTC

I’m going to be pulling pieces from all the various emails he sends to us – they are all fairly short, but he tells each of us different things.

From his email to Mom:

As for devotionals we have them Sunday nights, and Tuesday nights. As for speakers no one of real renown has come and spoken yet but we are hoping one will come tonight. If your interested see if you can find one of Elder Bednar’s devotionals called “Character of Christ” Its incredibly good. We don’t have cultural class until ¬†our last week here but one of the teachers on our floor served in Mozambique and he came and talked to my district last week. Not gonna lie made me a little sketched out about the bugs there. He also said to tell our parents that their will be times where you wont receive emails from us. He said that more than once power would be out for a few days or someone would cut the internet lines. So be prepared for that and if you don’t hear from me it doesn’t mean I’m dead or in the Hospital. And for P.E. I don’t play foursquare. Instead I play volleyball which is way more fun. That is until someone jammed up my thumb pretty bad on Saturday. I haven’t been able to bend it much but one of the members of our branch presidency (a surgeon who has scrubbed with Elder Nelson on multiple occasions) looked it over and told me that it just needed some time. So since then I have been lifting weights but I’ll probably just play volleyball again when its better. Don’t worry though because every morning when we wake up our district does some strength and flexibility every morning for about a half hour.

From his email to Dad:

So P.E. is awesome the only structure there is how long we are there for. Once it starts we can play volleyball, foursquare, basketball, run, or lift weights. I’ve been playing volleyball every period until last saturday when someone almost nearly broke my thumb. Instead they just jammed it up pretty good, so I’ve started lifting weights again while it heals. I did hear the Superbowl was a blowout which is fine with me since we won. I cant upload pictures. You are gonna have to send me a cord of some sort or an SD card USB reader thing. The computers here don’t have slots for SD cards so i cant just pop it in and upload pictures like we hoped. As for the language our 3rd day here we started teaching investigators in Portuguese and continue to do so on the daily. One of the elders in my district gets like a different package of snacks every day. Luckily he is more than willing to share with us.

From his email to me:

My companion is a country boy from a tiny town called Willard, Missouri. His name is Elder B and just to kind of get an idea about him, he didn’t get a cellphone until he was 18. When he was in high school he sang in the choir and was in the drama program. Never kissed a girl or been on a date. But I freaking love him. He is one of the nicest kids in the world and he is super excited about teaching the principles of our gospel and says hi to everybody. As for being district leader it entails extra meetings on Sunday, interviews almost everyday, my district (jokingly) threatening to impeach me on the daily by holding up 3 fingers and whistling Katniss’ whistle from the hunger games. It also includes saying about a 15-30 minute prayer every night. Its not fun but its not very hard so I don’t mind. As for pictures I need an SDcard reader to plug into the computer or a cord that goes from computer to camera.


Nate also sent these three little facts…

A few interesting facts.


1. We fly out of Salt Lake city March 2nd. That means we are here for only 5 and a half weeks.

2. An elder in my district found out that when new missionaries arrive in Mozambique President Kretly takes them on a safari.

3. My mission end date is Jan. 05 2016. And when elders are that close to Christmas they generally send them home early in time for christmas.


that is all.


January 28, 2014 – Provo, UT MTC

My dad got our first letter from Nate at the MTC today:

We are crazy busy here. We spend all day in a classroom and the language is going awesomely. Our district has impressed every Portuguese teacher here with how much we can understand and speak in the time that we’ve been here. I’m sure you will be interested to know that I was named District leader of my district, and my District is amazing. It might be one of the easiest callings I’ve ever served in. There is only 6 of us and 1 of us is not going to Mozambique but instead to Portugal. Its been an awesome but tiring experience. P-day’s are Tuesday and the food kind of sucks. Could you please send my light blue sweatshirt and extra Gym shorts. No extra suit needed.

Unfortunately we still don’t have a mailing address for him. Apparently it was emailed to him the Friday before we left to drop him off, but he didn’t get that to us. (This is classic Nate.) :)