Update on Nathan and Johannesburg

NATE CALLED ME!!!  President Koch told him his first assignment was to call me J  Everything is fine and he is back in Maputo with Elder Mochaki for now.  Transfers are today and he said that President Koch will tell him in a few days where he will be.

What no one (Nate or President Koch) told us is that the doctors in Maputo saw a fistula on a scan and that is why they sent him to Johannesburg.  He said the he (stayed/met?) with the Johannesburg mission president and his wife last night.  Sister Dunn (the mission president’s wife) told him that in all likelihood he would probably have to go home (I’m assuming that she was basing that on the whole fistula thing).  That kind of freaked Nate out because he did NOT want to have to come home.  Anyway, Nate saw the doctor in Johannesburg this morning and there was no fistula; in fact, any infection that might have been there was completely gone as well.  I believe that all of the fasting and prayers going on the past few days have brought us a miracle.  Thank you to everyone for your part in this miracle.

Thanks again for all your prayers and fasting!



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