Just doing the old whitewash game

So to explain that title – when you whitewash you always just come in and try and find  lot of families and that’s what we have been doing. We are just working very hard on finding and the Lord is blessing our efforts. We were able to find about 6 new families to teach this past week and now we are getting families that we can visit and so our lesson totals will be going up as well because we have investigators now.

So there is big church news I suppose. Since May the ward of Sommerscheild  has not had a bishop but that was finally resolved yesterday and now the ward has a functioning bishopric who are all extremely strong members who have been to the temple with their families. We are very excited to work with them and they trust a lot in the missionaries. Last sunday we were called into the bishopric room and they asked each missionary to come to church each week with a 5-10 minute talk prepared just in case they need us. Well me just trying to do my best wrote one. And lo and behold they came up and asked me to speak for about 10 minutes. So I spoke about patience and hope. I defined them this way. “Patience is the capacity to endure through problems that are happining right now, and hope is what gives you that capacity because you are looking towards the future.” Without hope there is no patience and without patience there is no hope because you can’t bear the problems you have and they overcome you.

I actually have found that I really enjoy giving talks since I have been on the mission and no longer fear them. Many members came up and told me they enjoyed the talk and asked for the scriptures I used. It was a good feeling. We have also been asked to organize a ward choir and so the Elder Dupla [companionship] and the Sister Dupla along with a senior couple are in charge of organizing, directing, arranging, and playing, and singing for the ward choir. Then we found out our first performance is this Sunday and its like “Dang, we’re in a tight spot.” So the past two weeks we have stayed at the church building like an extra 2 hours every Sunday getting ready for the performance. Here is hoping it goes well. You will all hear next week.

Love you all and have a good week.

Elder Keck

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