Responses to Some Big Questions

The majority of this email is talking about some questions that were asked to me by my aunt this week. These I think are some questions most everyone wonders about so I will answer them to you all.

Question number 1: Are these the best and hardest 2 years of your life?.

Answer: These are for sure the best two years and there are times when its the hardest thing and times when I cant imagine doing anything else. It depends on the area and my companion a lot. When I have had a hard companion in an area that has grown old for me I struggle. But in the times when I have a companion and an area that I love, the time ends to quickly. There are many companions with whom I would love to serve with again and I talk to often. At the times when I struggle I find my self unhappy and I think that has shown in my emails.

Question 2: Would you do this all over again?

Answer: No. I love being a missionary and I love this country and these people but there is definitely a reason missions are 2 years. I think anymore you begin to lose your steam. I dread the day I leave this place but I know that I served well, worked to my capacity and that I can be happy with my mission. I will serve more missions in the future with my future companion but another 2 year mission like this would be a difficult thing for anyone.

I love you all, I hope that everyone is doing well. Until next week. We have transfers.

Elder Keck

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