In Johannesburg (there’s an explanation for this – BK)

EDIT – From Nate’s Dad

The title of this post may have thrown you off a bit.  Yesterday I got a call from President Koch informing us that Nate has been having some bleeding from his belly button.  He was brought down to Maputo a couple weeks ago to see the Doctors there.  They aren’t terribly concerned but they also didn’t have a conclusive answer as to what is happening.

The Church Doctor is in Johannesburg and he told the President to send Nate over there so they can check things out and see what is happening. President Koch told me in our call that he’s not terribly worried either but did say “this is Africa, so better safe than sorry.”

Nate arrived in Johannesburg around Noon their time today (Monday 9/7).  As soon as we know anything (President said it would be a few days) I’ll update this post.



I made it to Johannesburg just fine. I dont know how long I will be here for. I am not super worried about the belly button thing. The doctor here I am sure is more than capable enough to handle it. Odds are I will be in Mozambique before the week ends. I really dont have anything to report this week and I apologize. I am also a little crunched on time. I love you all and I will have more stories next week I promise.

Elder Keck

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