Same Old (That was the subject line we got… I don’t think he realizes it’s all new to us!)

This week truly nothing crazy happened. We worked hard and for that we were blessed. Yesterday we had 4 families that came to church and of the 4 it was the first time for 2 of them. We have a lot of hope in some of the new people we are teaching and everyday we are working to find more.

This week we are doing our zone training and its really nice being companions with the other zone leader in that we can plan our training well. We are going to be talking about returning to the basics of missionary work, just following what it says in Preach my Gospel and the missionary handbook. We also will be doing a division with the missionaries of the Baixa ward. Elder Openshaw and I will each walk with one of them in their area and go visit all the leadership and recent converts that are falling out of activity to try and help them out and get them excited about the church. It’s a ward that is struggling and it has great missionaries who are doing good work, the members just need help.

That is everything for this week. Love you all.

Elder Keck

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