No Big News (another of Nate’s descriptive titles…)

Really nothing interesting or out of the ordinary happened this week. I did a division with one of the district leaders companions while Elder Openshaw walked with the district leader. I will be going back to that area at the end of the transfer to walk with that DL. It was a good day but it made me realize how much I like my area. The area I went to was very shut in and there were walls and fences everywhere. My area is extremely open and you can just go from house to house and breathe fresh air. A few weeks ago we had a council with the Mission President and the other Zone leaders of the mission and there we were told that there was no longer a mission goal of 35 contacts, that is 35 potential investigators every week, that now the Zone Leaders would decide what it should be. So we sat down with all the District Leaders in our zone and we established that instead of 35 potential investigators every week we should make it a goal to sit with a new family every day, and try and get one new family at church a week. So Elder Openshaw and I worked our butts off, and this past week we sat with 9 new familes, of the which 2 new ones came to church and loved it. Actually there was a cool thing we got to do this week. We were waiting on 2 missionaries who were stuck in the MTC waiting on visas. Normally when missionaries come up to beira the senior couple picks them up, but this time there was no senior couple so Elder Openshaw and I were asked to do it and it was pretty legit to like welcome them to Beira. They both seem like they will be great missionaries and I am excited to watch their progress. Love you all, and have a great week.

Elder Keck

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