New transfer, New companion

So this week ends my first week of my 13th transfer, with my 11th companion. I don’t really know if its common for missionaries to have that many companions but something makes me think no, because I am officially out of room in Preach My Gospel for more companions, so unless I stay with Elder Openshaw till the end of my mission I am going to have to start writing in lines.

This week was really interesting though. Wednesday we had a mission leadership council. Its where the Zone leaders in all the mission meet and talk about there zones and the things they are trying to implement, and it was really good. A lot of missionaries are trying new things to find and it seems like they are having success. We have also been walking in a tripla this past week becasue Elder Rispress who is our District Leader is supposed to be training but his companion doesnt have his Visa yet and he is waiting in the MTC. Elder Rispress has been with us all week and it has been a lot of fun but a little different. I really don’t enjoy walking in triplas and I am excited for the day it ends but for now I am getting by.

We were able to do a lot of good work this past week with finding and it payed off with 2 new part families at church yesterday. Unfortunately the husbands had to work but the wives came and brought there children so it was way nice. Other than that there is no news to report. Love you all have an awesome week.

Elder Keck

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