Back to Normal

We were able to have a normal work week this week. No serious wedding preparations, no meetings and just old fashioned hard work. We were very blessed this week. We were able to find a few new families that have some potential. We will have to see how that works out. We are focusing right now on preparing the ones that are getting baptized at the end of the transfer so many of our lessons are going to them. We have a man and wife with their 3 children as well as 2 more single mothers who will be getting baptized. One of the single mothers is named Fatima, and her brother is actually serving a mission right now. He is serving in the Swaziland part of our mission. And the other woman is named Ulga. She has investigated the church for forever and just kind of fell away, but we were able to baptize her two daughters last week and now she is very interested in getting baptized as well. Please pray for these people that everything works out and that they get baptized.

It has been made clear to me that I have not explained much about my companion. His name is Elder Stowe. He is from Tawila (Brad -I think he’s trying to say Tooele) Utah. He is 21 and he is really cool. We get along really well. We are able to work hard but have fun together. He has a lot of desire to learn Portuguese and is learning really quickly. He also has a lot of leadership qualities, and I am positive will be a leader on this mission one day. In other cool news, last monday at around 17 in the afternoon I got a call from President Koch. He was calling all the Zone Leaders and introducing himself and explaining his schedule for our meeting. It was nice to talk to him and get rid of that new mission president apprehension. We will be having personal interviews and a meeting with him this friday morning. Love you all.

Elder Keck

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