The Week (Elder Nates subject line… from an email dated June 22nd, 2015)

This week was actually pretty cool.  Since transfers were postponed they were released on Wednesday and the Assistants told me I should be the only one who goes and looks at transfers and then call the duplas in my zone. So to me that was really exciting. So to explain whats going on in our house. I now live with my companion Elder Stowe who is really cool and we get along super well and have a lot of fun together, as well as Elder Finau the DL and Elder Adams his companion. We have a good house we all get along really well. I don’t know if anyone remembers Elder Palu, I lived with him back in my 3rd and 4th transfers while he was getting trained. Anyways Elder Finau is his cousin and they came out together.

Yesterday we had a goodbye devotional with President Kretly and it was pretty amazing. He talked to the stake about the importance of going to the temple and showed a video about saints in a city called Menaus in Brazil who all made this hard journey to the temple in a caravan. And after that the the stake president got up and announced that the first temple caravan of Beira will be leaving July of 2016 and that preparations will begin immediately. When I heard that I was ecstatic. It made me so happy to know that the stake is planning to help these people get to the temple and do their ordinances.

In the terms of work, Elder Stowe and I will be opening two wedding processes this week to help 2 families be married and baptized on the 4th of july.They are awesome families. One is called João and Maria and they will be baptized with their 14 year old daughter helina their 12 year old son Francisco and their 9 year old daughter Amélia. The other family is named Ismael and Regina and they are a younger couple that just have 2 small children but they are also amazing. Its an exciting time for us and the work of the Lord is always moving forward. Its gonna be an interesting next couple of weeks with the transition of the new Mission President.
Here are some photos of the wedding and baptism.
Love you all.
(I didn’t get any info on these pictures but I believe they are the ones that he couldn’t upload from the previous week.  Sorry I don’t have names so no idea who is who…)
The wedding before the baptism

The wedding before the baptism

The baptism photo

The baptism photo


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