Sort of transfers! (From email dated June 15, 2015)

Transfers were postponed to this Wednesday actually but that doesn’t mean nothing is changing. Last night the assistants called me and told me that I would be training a brand new missionary again. This is the third one now. His name is Elder Stow and he is from somewhere in Utah. I haven’t met him and so I will fill you guys in next week about him but he will be getting here tonight at about 6 o clock. I am actually not very excited about it (edit – He meant not very excited about training again. It had nothing to do with Elder Stow.) because this past transfer has been amazing. My companion and I got along really well, to the point of being like best bros, and he is a missionary who has a good amount of time on the mission so the way we split it was, I would focus on the zone and the trainings and all that great stuff, while he would focus on the area, and because of the way we were able to do that we were able to baptize 6 families this past transfer, but I know Heavenly Father will bless me with strength to be able to take care of the missionaries in the Beira zone and still give our area the attention it needs.

In other words Elder Heald and I were able to marry and baptize 2 families this past saturday. Jon and Paula and Jon and Dina. It was an awesome wedding and as always I have a lot of video I will share with everyone when I get home, if they so desire. But the wedding and the baptism both ran smoothly as well as the confirmations on Sunday. This past weekend was pretty crazy because the group of missionaries going home was the biggest group in Mozambique Maputo Mission history. We lost 16 missionaries, and so in the 2 houses by each other there were 4 missionaries over 4 areas and 3 wards. It was a pretty hectic Sunday. One dupla went to the far ward while me and the other missionary went to our ward, then ward council then another ward. We were at church for a totla of 6 hours. We also helped a family get their temple reccommends. They will be leaving in October or November. It was really awesome. Heres some phottos. Love you all.
I apologize the computers arent accepting any of our means of sending photos sorry about that. You will get them next week.

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