Week of Finding (from the email on June 1st)

This has just been a crazy week of finding new families for us.

We have been going like crazy talking to everyone and any house we see that we feel has potential we go and knock on their door to try and sit with them. Because of this focus on finding Elder Heald and I were able to sit with 24 new investigators this week. Obviously some were better than others but it was very nice to plant that seed in the hearts of so many and even though some will not accept it immediately we know that one day because of the Lords love for His children He will soften the hearts of them and help them accept the one and true church some day in the future.

One new family I would like to share about is called Brandon and Vitoria. We were walking with a young woman one day who is preparing to serve a mission and is planning on leaving in October. We were teaching her how to do contacts and while Elder Heald was contacting someone nearby a man was approaching and Maria and I contacted him. I let Maria do all the talking and she did a great job and received his phone number. The next day we went there and had one of the most amazing restoration lessons ever. We were able to sit with him, his wife, their 2 15 year old sons their 9 and 6 year old daughters. That sunday Brandon and the 2 15 year old kids came to church, while the wife and the 2 daughters went to their old church to tell their old pastor that they have found a better church and wont be attending any more. It was truly awesome and I believe this family will progress to baptism and activity in the church.

Love you all.
Elder Keck

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