Last Week of the Transfer

We are officially starting the last week of the transfer and I’m not gonna lie I am getting a little anxious. I am ending my 6th month here in this area and I have seen 7 or 8 missionaries leave this house without leaving. Its pretty possible that I will probably be leaving next week. The whole transfer I was joking with my comp Elder Holt that I would be getting sent to Tete which is the hottest outside area and I’d be JC up there. Unfortunately that didn’t happen because I would have gotten my itinerary today when I logged on. Guess we will all find out next Monday!

This past weekend we had the opportunity to assist (watch maybe…?) general conference and for the most part I liked it. One talk I really enjoyed I think his name is Wilford W. Andersen about listening to the gospel music. Hopefully I got that one. I just like what he said about how everyone will begin hearing the music at different times in their lives and I liked his counsel about how if we can’t hear the beautiful music of the gospel we just need to keep dancing until we do (thats my translation from how it was worded in Portuguese.) I enjoyed this talk because for about 19 and a half years of my life I was just doing the dance without hearing the music. I’d go to church and seminary because it was expected of me. I’d give the right answers without the testimony or conviction that someone who can hear the music has. I’d go through the motions. Then I came out here, and I saw the other side. I really saw what can happen to people that don’t live the gospel. Now I hear the music, and it really is something beautiful. I really can testify of these things without doubts. This gospel is true, Jesus Christ is our savior. This is the only way to have everlasting happiness. Heavenly Father loves us  so much he wants us to learn and he knows that we all have the choice of choosing happiness or misery. I hope that everyone chooses the former so we can receive the blessings.

I don’t think anything has happened this past week that is noteworthy. We walked alot, talked to alot of people, and tried to be obedient. Love you all.
 Elder Keck

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