This Week

This week was really busy but a really fruitful and successful week. We were able to sit with a lot of new families and I’d like to talk about two of them. The first one is Ze and Camila. Ze was a contact we made on the road. He was really nice and we marked a visit. We went to the visit and he was there with his wife Camila who was an extremely nice woman and very interested. The coolest part is the other family I will talk about. When we went there we didn’t just meet Ze and Camila’s family but also Ze’s brother Elton and his wife Sara. We taught the restoration to all 4 of them and it was an amazing lesson. They all accepted to be baptized in the end of may and are all really interested in the church. Then this sunday rolls around and unfortunately Ze and Elton were called into work but we walked with their wives and children to church and they loved it so much. They said they never want to miss. We will be continuing to visit with them and work with them to be baptized. Also please keep sara in your prayers she is pregnant but is past due and his having a lot of bad dreams about her baby. We gave her a blessing last night but any extra help would be appreciated. Another funny story is about Elder Holt’s and mine recent convert Gina. Gina was baptized 3 weeks ago and this past thursday I was finally able to bring her a picture of her baptism. She took it and kissed it and was super happy. The best part comes next. Elder Holt’s mom had sent him a bunch of CTR rings to give to the people he baptizes. Well we wanted to give one to Gina and we showed it to her and she loved it. Gina is really funny and she wouldn’t take it from him. She made him put it on her finger. As he was trying to put it on her pinky finger she moved her ring finger in front of it and he almost just married her. Then the next day at church we say hi to her and we notice that she has moved the ring to her left ring finger. Elder Holt now has a fiance here in Mozambique.

Now for a more sad story. One thing that I kind of came into africa expecting was the fact that I would get to know people and love them and help them but because of the way things are here they would pass away before their time. In Quelimane I baptized a young man named Elias Dos Santos Antonio. He was an amazing young man who had such a strong desire to go to the temple, and serve a mission. He often asked Elder Sip and I if there was a way he could go to the temple and serve before his one year mark was up. He also would use his days off to go teach people about the church in the areas we weren’t allowed to go. Unfortunately I got a call from the missionaries in Quelimane that Elias got sick and passed away this past Monday. A little over 6 months after his baptism. It really brought a lot of sadness to Elder Sip and I, but the cool thing is, is that because of our knowledge Elias was taken from this life for a greater purpose, probably teaching the gospel.
Love all of you and I hope you have a good week.

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