Baptism of Gina

We were blessed with another miracle this past weekend. We were able to baptize Gina. I don’t know if I ever talked about Gina but she has a cool story. She used to go to a bunch of diferent churches and they never made her feel any different so she quit going. Then one sunday she got up, took a bath, got ready, and decided she was just gonna find a random church and go in. Between where she lives and our church there are about 5-6 different churches, and the Lord just kind of directed her past all of them and brought her to the right one. She went for about 2-3 weeks when finally a member showed her to us and we started visiting her. 2 months later she was baptized. It was a really cool experience and I feel like it was a good way to get my new companion excited about the work. What better way to end your first week of missionary work than with a baptism?

Baptism of Gina (Sorry, Nate didn't say who's who in the photo)

Baptism of Gina (Sorry, Nate didn’t say who’s who in the photo)

The other cool story of this week actually started about a week and a half ago. When Elder Mochaki and I were still together we were going down to visit Mercia, when a man stopped us. He was named Jake, and he told us he wanted to start attending our church and where he could find it. We started explaining it and then we felt prompted to ask him where he lived and who with. We found out that he lived close by with his wife. We took his number down determined to call him the next week. Now I am with Elder Holt and we call him and mark to visit him on thursday. We mark to meet him by a store-esque thing that’s hard to explain. His wife actually comes and gets us (which is a really good sign) and we go and visit them. We actually found out that they had been to church the sunday after we had invited him. He also told us he’d never been to church before and he figured he would try ours to see how church is. It truly is amazing to see how the Lord prepares people. I will try my best to keep you all posted on how Jake and Rakel progress.

Love you all.

Elder Keck

2 thoughts on “Baptism of Gina

  1. How fun it was to read this, my son is Elder Holt and I love hearing everything about his mission. This way it’s like two letters each week. I’m looking forward to reading more.

    • My son’s blog address is I just posted some pictures of Elder Keck and my son.

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