Nothing Huge (this was the subject line from Nate’s email so I went with it….)

This week was a fairly normal week for us. We are really focusing on finding this week. Last week after dropping those families we were left with only 4 families we were teaching so we realized we needed to really focus on teaching new families this week. The Lord answered our prayers because we were able to sit with 4 new families this past week and have more marked for us to visit with this upcoming week. It’s been a huge blessing. We as a mission have a contact goal of making 35 qualified contacts a week, which is 35 potential new families to sit with a week. We’d been having trouble sitting with new families before and we kind of realized it was because we weren’t reaching the 35 contacts. So the week before last we really strived to get that goal. We did and last week showed the fruits of our efforts so we worked again to get the contact goal and we did, so we are hoping that we will continue sitting with new families.

Also I got a pretty solid testimony of the power of fasting. This past fast Sunday I fasted for 2 investigators named Mercia and Gina. Mercia just lost her older sister and was kind of depressed, and hadn’t been to church for 2 weeks, and is marked to be baptized on the 14th of march. I fasted she’d come back to church and that she’d still be ready to be baptized on the 14th and she came. Then when we visited she said that she needs to be baptized on that day. She said she needs to be a member of this church so she can start preparing to go to the temple and get sealed with her late husband it was an awesome lesson. The other investigator I fasted for was Gina. She hadn’t been able to come to church for 3 weeks because of work including yesterday. We were preparing to go there and be kind of direct with her and tell her that if she doesn’t come that next Sunday we wouldn’t be able to return and visit. When we got there almost the first thing she said was that she quit her job because it was taking her away from church too much and she could tell the difference. She will be baptized on the 28th of march and is extremely excited for it.

I love you all and hope you have a good week. Till next time.

Elder Keck


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