February 9th 2015 – A Nice Week

This past Wednesday we were able to receive a special missionary training from the President of the General Sunday School Presidency Elder Tad R. Callister and also the first counselor of the Young mens general presidency Brother Larry Gibson. It was a really cool meeting and just a little ego boost of my life, I got voted as Captain Moroni which was sweet. But really the lessons they gave us were amazing.

Elder Callister went in depth about the plan of Salvation explaining it all to us about each step in the plan and what we need to do in order to earn the highest reward. We also got to have a Q&A session about missionary work in the spirit world and progression after death and things like that. It was an awesome learning opportunity.

Elder Gibson talked to us about encouraging young men to do duty to god because it is focused on preparing people to serve missions. Then after that training we worked like normal and this sunday we were blessed because of it. We had in total 6 families that attended church yesterday and they are all doing amazingly. It was an amazing blessing for us.

This Wednesday we are having transfers. I have this sinking feeling that my next area will be somewhere in Swaziland. We will find out. Last time I had a feeling I was gonna get transferred to Quelimane and then it happened. We will have to see.

Love you all,

Elder Keck

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