Miracle Week – January 19, 2015

This past week was an awesome week for finding. On Tuesday we went an worked in a field of one of the families thats investigating the church. While we were there, Irma started talking to one of the neighbors. Afterwards she came up to us six missionaries and asked whose area it was. Elder Mochaki and I replied that it was ours. She told us that before we left we needed to talk with that neighbor. So we did. We went over and introduced ourselves as missioanaries. We found out that she lived there with her 4 childen and her sister and her children. We asked what happened to her husband and she told us that he died a few years back. We taught a little bit right there about how families can be together forvever and marked a return visit for that night. We came back that night and taught her and her children about the plan of salvation, focusing on gods love for us and because of that love he made it possible to live with our families forever. She liked what we taught and accepted to come to church that Sunday. Then 3 days later we taught her the Restoration and she accepted to be baptized on March 14th. So everyone please pray that everything will work out, and that Mercia will be baptized on the 14th so that she can get sealed in the temple a year from now with her husband. Also she came to church yesterday and loved it.

Another cool story is that on Saturday night after all our lessons had fallen through we were kind of wandering aimlessly looking for something to do. We stopped and said a prayer asking for guidance. Then we waited in silence and after about a minute Elder Mochaki told me that we should go visit a family called Constantino and Elonia. A couple of weeks ago while I was really sick, Elder Mochaki taught them with a couple of other missionaries. The other missionaries didn’t really do a good job, and we felt they had kind of ruined any chances we had of going back. Anyways Elder Mochaki said we should visit them so away we went. This was a Saturday night and so the majority of people were out drinking. Anyways when we got there both the husband and the wife were just sitting on their front step as if they were waiting for us. We got to teach them the restoration and they agreed to come to church this next sunday. It was pretty amazing.

Those are the cool stories of this week. Other than that it was a fairly normal week. I cant wait to hear from everyone next week.

Love you all,

Elder Keck


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