Transfers – January 12, 2015

Its like Christmas all over again. I don’t know how other missions do it but here we don’t get calls. We find out if we are leaving the day of. We will go to internet and find out where we are going if we are going that day. And then we leave that night. Nothing has changed for me with transfers. I am still training Elder Mochaki in T-3 and the house is like the same. I am really excited to stay this transfer. We have about 6 people that are preparing to be baptized in the coming month. The first 3 are Claudio, Edson, and Alberto. They are these 3 twenty year olds who are doing awesome. Yesterday we walked with Claudio to a lesson and he did awesomely. He and Alberto both want to serve missions in a year. Edson still isn’t sure. The next 2 are Francisco and Olga. They are a couple from Beira who will be opening the marriage process in about 2 weeks and from there get married and baptized in February. Then we have Flavio and Joice. Flavio was baptized a while ago in the mid 2000’s and afterwards he and Joice moved in together and had a kid. So now we are preparing them to get married and for her to get baptized. We are going to work extremely hard to be obedient and diligent so that these people can get baptized. Its going to be an awesome transfer full of miracles. One piece of transfer news: My trainer Elder Abel who trained me a year ago has been moved to swaziland to be the ZL there. I got the chance to talk to him this morning. Thats all for this week. Love you all.

Elder Keck


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