December 8, 2014

[I am way behind and will start catching up – Lisa]

This week has been the definition of busy. We have been tiring ourselves to death everyday to find new familes, as well as teaching the old ones. Once again the lord is showing his hand in this work. We have found 3 new families this week that we have high hopes for. The first is Manuel and Francisca who were extremely attentive to the restoration and accepted everything. When we went back to teach the book of Mormon and review the restoration they remembered everything so well it was amazing. The next is Mozel and Artimeza. Elder Cummings taught them on a division and said it went well but he had to convince them to try coming to church this sunday. Then we went back on saturday and reinvited them to going to church and the husband Mozel was like no I have all these things I have to do, this sunday wont work. And we just sat in silence for like a minute while he just thought, and then he said no I think it will be possible, yes I will come. And they did! And they loved it. It was great. The last one is Elydio and Lionor who are already married in the register. They don´t have a church but they are looking for one and we showed up at the exact right time. Thank you for all the prayers and emails this week. Have a good week.

Elder Keck



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