December 29, 2014 – Shortest email yet!

I finally have appreciation for telephones in this work. On Monday we were in the city for P-day and while getting into a chapa someone reached into my pocket and took my phone out. I didn’t get a new one until this Friday and so all the lessons we had were by door knocking and surprise visits to our investigators. I was able to Skype with my family this past week which was fantastic to see them all and hear how they were doing. Their is not really anything for me to say about the week. Love you all. Have a good new year.

So I got the packages. But the one that had the contacts and contact fluid was opened. The contacts never made it to me. I got the fluid and everything else though so no worries. Also tell dad that I am good on Clothes and ties and shoes. I haven’t even had to use my second pair of shoes yet. It was great to see everyone this week. Especially nice to see Ryan smiling and talking.

Elder Keck


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