November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate the holiday me and my companion cooked chicken and mashed potatoes for our house. We also made an apple cinamon cake. This week was also Elder Cummings birthday, and Elder Herd and I surprised him by buying a cake and bringing out the night of his birthday.

In terms of missionary work this week was amazing. We are whitewashing this area and for those that don”t know it means we are both brand new to the area and know nothing about it. Anyways our focus is on finding new families that will progress. This past week we found 9 new families and 4 of them came to church. I will just talk about one of them I am really excited for. Their names are Candido and Naneezia (not actually spelt like that). He was a road contact we made on Tuesday who was really nice. Anyways we called him wednesday and He said he was at work so we marked for thursday. Thursday morning at 7:30 our phone rings and he is calling us asking when we would get there. We said at 3 in the afternoon. Then at 12 he calls again making sure we are still coming at 3. We finally get there and he and his wife are the nicest people in the world. We taught the restoration and they accepted everything without doubts. They accepted baptism and came to church this sunday. They told us they loved it and would never miss. We are visitng them tonight to teach them more about the gospel. It”s such a blessing when we meet the families that are really prepared by the Lord. Its just this refreshing feeling after sifting through the people that will sit with us and then not accept to just find the people ready for the gospel. Love you all. Hope you have a good week.

Elder Keck


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