November 24, 2014 – Back in Matola

So I am back in the Matola zone. For those that don’t know I started in the branch of Matola 1. I stayed there for 6 months and then went up to Quelimane for 3 months. And now I’m Back! I never thought I would come back to the Matola zone. I am now serving in the branch of T-3 and my companion is Elder Cummings. We  have an awesome house. We live with Elder Herd from Wyoming (he reminds me of Ben Schilaty in every way), Elder Paulino who was a professional soccer player in Beira, Elder Tuigamala from Hawaii and Elder Pedro from Beira. Its a super nice house and the area is way nice. Elder Cummings and I are whitewashing this area and so we have gotten lost at least 1 time a day. We’ll get to some road and one of us will be like where are we Elder and the other just says no idea. Since our time here we have gotten to walk through a military base, a prison, and a jungle just trying to find our way out to the main road. Some of the families we are teaching are Francisco and Olga who will get married on Christmas, Nerves and Mercia who we will give a date to this week, and others. we have been working really hard on finding and trying to get good solid families to teach and baptize. Its a slow process but we are seeing success. Love you all I hope you have great weeks.

Separate email to his dad:  Things are good. I am not in the same house as I started. I am actually really far from my first area. And Elder Reinstien is not here either. He is the new office Elder. He is in charge of the finances of the mission which is perfect for him. Thank you for your email last week. It did help put some things in perspective and give me a refresher as to why I am here. Things are going great. Elder Cummings is an amazing missionary and I am learning a lot about 1. How to be a missionary, and 2. how to be a leader. Its been an amazing week and I will be sad to see him go in 23 days. Our time together is short so I am trying to learn as much as possible from him. Tell mom she’s a bum for not writing me [Note:  I sent him TWO emails; he just didn’t get them for some reason!!] and give everyone my love during thanksgiving.

Elder Keck


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