President and Sister Kretly visit Luaha, Nampula

Here’s a link to a video President Kretly posted from a visit to Luaha, Nampula (“borrowed” from Elder Reinstein’s blog)

The video caption reads: Small village, close to Ribaue, Nampula. Only families live there. Lucas Bento, 73 years of age, started the church in Portugal almost 15 years ago and persisted (?) until missionaries arrived there and he baptized the family, and now we have a group of approximately 40 members of the Church.



Catching Up

I am getting behind on posting to Nate’s blog… I’ll catch up today by adding bits and pieces that I think I missed before:

October 12th to Dad:  Everyone has told me about the relaxing weeks they have had and its making me really jealous. I have been dead tired for the past 4 days or so. I have had a huge desire to go fishing again. I don’t know why since I wasn’t the biggest fan before the mission but right now it sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve decided that I’m gonna go on fishing dates when I go home. Like just me and a girl fishing and that way I can see how she is. Because if she gets bored she sucks but if she can enjoy it then she is maybe worth it. We’ll see though. The language is going well. I feel like I’m improving but I’m starting to speak like a brazilian.

October 19th to all:

Not a lot of news from this week. Our work was kind of limited because of sicknesses and Presidential elections. We didn’t go out Monday night because our family night at the church went to long and ended like 25 minutes before we had to be in so that happened. Tuesday was normal and then Wednesday was Elections and we weren’t allowed to leave because we are in an outside area and we won’t get help if anything to crazy happens, at least not for a while. Then thursday and friday morning were normal but I got really sick Friday afternoon and we didn’t get to leave Friday night or Saturday which was lame. But now I’m all better so thats good. Our frequency went up to 66 at church so we are improving there and we have to families that are preparing to marry and baptize on the 8th of november as well as preparing a bunch of other people to be baptized that day too. I don’t have pictures this week or any cool stories to tell. Sorry. Love you all.

Please watch and share:  The Atonement and Missionary Work- President Eyring and Elder Holland


It packs a spiritual punch. It’s absolutely true though. I can say that with 100% certainty. My hearts been broken a few times on this mission because of the choices of investigators, and I don’t doubt it will happen many more times.

October 19th to Mom:  All I’ve eaten for the past 3 weeks is: Breakfast everyday: 2 Egg and cheese sandwiches, Lunch: Rice, Beans, Chicken. That is what I eat only proteins and grains. When did we get a Cafe Rio? What else has changed about home? Will I even recognize it when I get back? Probably not haha. I always worry that I’ll be freaked out by a ton of stuff when I get home like paved roads, white people, and cars on the other sides of the roads. But we will see in a little over a year. Sounds like conference went well. We finally get to watch General conference this next sunday which is nice. Considering I will be able to understand it this time around. I really want spaghetti and meatballs. I just want home-cooked food. But thats about it. Love you Mom. Elder Keck

October 27 to all:

It was conference for everyone right? Probably just the Quelimane branch. Conference was good though. The parts I paid attention too. We all know that unless I’m reading I can’t sit for 10 hours. Let alone 10 hours in 90+ weather and little children running around outside yelling while a translator with no emotion speaks in Brazilian portuguese. But other than that it was good. Our week went well too. We were able to visit a lot of people that needed visits as well as start making some changes to the branch leadership that desparately(?) need to happen. Soriar and Juina will be opening the process this week to be married and baptized on the 15th of November which is a huge blessing. We also have some young adults that we are preparing to be baptized as well on the same day which will be great. We are really excited for that and whatever other blessings the lord sends our way. I don’t have a whole lot to say this week. Everything was fairly normal for us. We did get to play Basketball today with a member of the branch and one of the people getting baptized on the 15th which was a lot of fun. There is really not much more to say this week. Desculpam-me bros.

Art in a cultural center in Quelimane

Art in a cultural center in Quelimane

Cathedral in Quelimane

Cathedral in Quelimane

Me at park of the youth on August 12th (Nate's B-Day)

Me at park of the youth on August 12th (Nate’s B-Day)