Primary!!! (From 10/12/14)

I got to teach the Primary yesterday! It was way fun. We talked about the importance of going to the temple and the things we need to do in order to get there. We played a game where we try and think of the things a family needs to do in order to get to the temple and they did really well the family made it.

Elder Keck's Primary Lesson

Elder Keck’s Primary Lesson

Elder Sip and Elder Keck at the Quelimane Airport for transfers

Elder Sip and Elder Keck at the Quelimane Airport for transfers

I put Elder Sip on a plane at the Quelimane Airport and two minutes later got my new companion this week. (They try to work it out that one leaves and the new companion arrives at about the same time.  I would stay with a member if it would take a while.)  My new companion’s name is Elder Coelho, and he is from Sao Paulo Brazil and he is way nice. I really like Elder Coelho.  He is really easy going and fun to be with.  We get along really well and he is a hard worker so we are hoping to see some miracles this transfer.

One of the miracles we are working on is a baptism for this transfer. We realized yesterday that there are 30 people that come to this church over the age of 8 that are not baptized. [Nate said in an email on September 15th that they had two investigators when he first got to Quelimane.]  We are working on teaching them all so we can baptize all 30 of them on the same day. It will be hard but it’s possible. I also learned how to play Come Come Ye Saints, and Come Ye Children of the Lord on the piano last night while Elder Coelho was sick. So thats pretty cool.  I pretty much go to bed tired and wake up tired every day. Love you all.

Elder Keck


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