September 29, 2014 – Last week of the transfer

I can’t believe the transfer is almost done. We are really hoping that this week will be a lot better than our last one. We only got two work days because of the zone conference. We left for Beira on thursday. Had zone conference on friday and flew home saturday. The zone conference was really good though. We learned about the first 3 habits of being a highly effective person. It’s really nice because our mission president is the CEO of FranklinCovey [Brazil] and so he gets access to all these really cool training videos produced by the company, so we always get to watch those. After the conference all the outside areas had personal interviews with President Kretly and mine was good. After that Elder SIp and I went and visitedd 2 of the families he baptized when he worked down in Beira. They were both really nice and it was a lot of fun. Then when we got back on Saturday we found out that the members we left the keys to the chapel with, slept in the chapel while we were gone, which is really unallowed. They also used all of our energry and ate all of me and Elder Sip’s food. We had to yell at them because we had to go buy energy on Sunday during church. Speaking of church I also got surprised by having to teach gospel doctrine. I taught about how we can maintain zion. So we read in Isaiah and it was really hard to teach them. So yeah thats my week. We are hoping that this week will be a lot better. Elias is getting baptized this Saturday so that will be really nice. Love you all.

Elder Keck

P.S. It seems like I’ve been asked this many times. It is just Elder Sip and I in Quelimane. The closest missionaries to us are over 300 miles away.


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