September 15, 2014 – Already halfway through this transfer

So this transfer has been flying by except for this past week which felt like a long one because we got stuck in the house for most of it with our plumber again. But he finally finished everything on Tuesday. But then Elder SIp got really bad Diahrea and we didn’t get to leave the house until Thursday night. So that sucked but it ended up being a good week, We got to visit with Pablo and Zainabu who will now be baptized this saturday because the Branch President was gone this past weekend and he couldn’t perform the wedding. So now that will be happening which is exciting. One cool thing that happened this week is while we were out contacting a jovem came up to me and told me he’d like to come to church. We’d been struggling finding new people because we haven’t been able to leave the house so we agreed to visit him. We went there and taught him the restoration which was really good. Then we taught him the book of mormon and he accepted Baptism and he came to church yesterday which was really cool. He wants to serve a mission as soon as possible and so we are gonna try and baptize him and get him preparing right away. So he can leave in a year. Anyways thats everything from me. Love you all.

Pictures of Quelimane taken by a member who was running errands:

Quelimane1 Quelimane2 Quelimane3 Quelimane4 Quelimane5 Quelimane6 Quelimane7 Quelimane8 Quelimane9 Quelimane10 Quelimane11 Quelimane12 Quelimane13 Quelimane14 Quelimane15 Quelimane16 Quelimane17 Quelimane18


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