My first week in Quelimane.

So after browsing the emails of the week I realized that Quelimane was not really all that well explained by me. So Quelimane is a city in the province of Zambezia. It’s a very small actual city and we aren’t allowed to leave the city because the districts around it are not the safest. The only missionaries here are me and Elder Sip. We are in the Nampula zone which is just all of the outside areas other than Maxixe. Our zone leaders are Elder Carvalho (Brazilian) and Elder Ujembe (Mozambican). All they do is call us Sunday night to get our stats. Other than that Elder Sip and I are left to our own devices. Elder Sip is in his 10th transfer and he is basically the 1st counselor in the branch council. He is actually the 2nd counselor but the 1st counselor is inactive and hasn’t come to church in over 2 months. And this past week we got maybe a total of 10 hours outside the chapel in our actual area. That’s because we are part of every single meeting that happens. And I have to be in the meetings as well because I am getting trained to replace Elder Sip in the Branch Presidency because he has been up here for a long time and may leave soon. The branch itself is 60 people and the chapel is actually the missionaries house which really really sucks. We can’t leave if there are people here. 

As for the area I really like it. The people are really nice here and the members that are active are incredibly strong. I did find out that this is the hottest area in the Mission though so that will be rough but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Elder Sip and I opened a process this past friday and the couple: Pablo and Zainabu will be getting married and baptized this saturday. So that’s a really great blessing. We are gonna work really hard this week to find those families that are being prepared to hear the gospel this transfer so that the branch can continue to grow. It will be hard work but luckily for me Elder Sip is [willing] to get out and work with me. I am looking forward to my time here and think we will be really blessed. 
I also had to speak yesterday in sacrament. The sucky part was I only had about 45 minutes notice. The person assigned to speak got sick and ended up not being able to make it so President Mbunda asked me to speak on covenants. 
Thats all for this week. Love you all and have a good week. 
Elder Keck

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