Today was transfer day and I am finally leaving Matola. The surprise is where I am going though. I am going to Quelimane!!!! It’s in the province of Zambezia. It’s an outside area so it’ll just be me and my new companion Elder Sip. I am really excited to go and my flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. My former companion Elder Rebollo worked up in Quelimane for 3 transfers and he is kind of jealous that I get to go. He told me that it is one of the most African areas in the mission. It’s covered in bike taxi’s and giant spiders. So that’s what is happening this week. [By “outside area” he means 975 miles to the north of Maputo – I didn’t know they had missionaries that far north.  Also, I am assuming that his new zone leader will be his trainer, Elder Abel, who he really liked.] 

As for some crazy things that happened this week. We are teaching a woman right now called preciosa. It was originally her and her Husband that we found but the other night we were teaching her and she told us she doesn’t want to marry the man she is living with. We found out that it’s an arranged marriage and that she is only with him because she can’t afford to leave him right now. She has no job and no income because she is going to college, and her parents can’t afford to rent her a house. Her husband is aware that she has no place to go and no way of leaving him and so he is not the nicest to her which makes me a little mad because she is one of the nicest people I’ve met and she has been really prepared by the lord. We along with the branch presidency are looking for ways to help her leave him so that she can be baptized.

The other crazy story is about a family called Pedro and Antoinheta. They were both really good and they have a two year old son named celoid. He has been coming to church for the past couple weeks now and we went to visit them and found out that his wife out of the blue took their son and abandoned him in the house. Our goal is to have Pedro and preciosa baptized on the same day so that they can meet eachother and fall in love and get married. Thats all thats going on here for now. UNtil next week!

Elder Keck

Other tidbits from Nate:

Most of the time, the items people donate are sent to some guy in Mozambique who just turns around and sells the donated items, which I hate. I actually came across an Everett Aquasox tshirt that someone had donated that someone was selling on the street for 150 metical, I was going to buy it but decided against it. I find it very upsetting. Starvation isn’t a real problem there, mostly what Mozambicans need is education and a break in the cycle of rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. Right now the church in Mozambique is focused on spreading the gospel.  The parts that need the kind of work like Mike and April are doing in Liberia/Ghana are too dangerous to send service missionaries, so they can’t help the country out too much in those ways.   Mozambique has a really high retention rate, so we don’t do much reactivation work.  I think Mozambique will probably be getting it’s first stake by early next year. 



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