Divisions (8/18/14)

This week was packed full of divisions or splits or whatever you call them. On Tuesday I walked with Elder Thomas from Utah. He and I have been living together for the past 5 months in the Matola 1 house. He is one of my favorite people on the mission and it was a blast to walk with him. On Wednesday I did a division with Elder Charoa, from Mozambique. He is in his first transfer here and is waiting for his Visa to go to Angola. I also really enjoyed walking with him and I got to spend the night in Matola 2 house which is where Elder Hunsaker is living at the moment. It was a lot of fun to talk to him for a good while again at night and during lunch. Then Friday I did a division with Elder Reinstein who I’ve known since the MTC. We taught a lesson in English to a South African guy and I was really uncomfortable the whole time. I’m used to sitting on plastic lawn chairs outside of tiny grass or cement block houses speaking Portuguese. The lesson with the South African was completely opposite. I was inside, on real furniture, using his Ipad to find scriptures because I don’t carry my English scriptures with me. It was a weird experience and I don’t think I’d be interested in doing it again soon. 

 Elder Rebollo and I have been getting really blessed this week with our Families. Daniel and Rosa are going to do all of their documents for marriage before Wednesday so that on Friday they can open the process to be married on the 4th of October. And Pasqual and Luiza are going to start their documents as well so that they can be married on the 11th of October. The Lord is really blessing us with finding prepared families in this area. It’s been a really good transfer.  Next week is transfers and it’s very likely that I will finally leave Matola, since I’ve been here for 4 transfers or 6 months already.

[The following are a series of questions I sent to Nate with his responses:]

Tell us about the other missionaries in your apartment.  The missionaries in my apartment are Elder Roberts and Elder Palu, Elder Reinstein and Elder Jemuce, Elder Thomas and Elder Van Leuven, Elder Rebollo and I. We have 2 from Utah, 2 from arizona, 1 from california, 1 from Idaho, 1 from Washington, and 1 from Mozambique.

How long has Elder Rebollo been out? Where is he from? Elder Rebollo has been out for 15 months.  Utah.

Any word on the package I sent [in mid-June] to the Johannesburg address?  I got it this past Tuesday.  [That was his birthday!  So glad it finally got to him and with such perfect timing.  I hadn’t realized that I had been sending his packages to the Johannesburg mission and there was an address for the Maputo mission, so this package took two months to get to him.  I sent another package to him a week ago; we’ll see how long it takes to get that one to him.]

Is Elder VanLeuven any relation to the VanLeuven’s here? I don’t think so.

How did your training of the branch missionaries go?  Not well. Not very many showed up.

One of the sister missionaries in our ward has a friend who is serving in the Mozambican mission, Elder Hales?  Does that sound familiar to you?  I do know Elder Hales. He is the nicest guy on the mission and he is leaving next Monday for home. 

This week’s pictures: 

"Elder Palu" a fake missionary the elders made one night.

“Elder Palu” a fake missionary the elders made one night.

Elder Reinstein and Elder Keck at lunch on a division

Elder Reinstein and Elder Keck at lunch on a division

Elder Charoa and Elder Keck on a division

Elder Charoa and Elder Keck on a division

Elder Keck and "Elder Palu"

Elder Keck and “Elder Palu”



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