A Normal Week

Nothing really crazy happened to us this week. Just regular missionary life. Waking up at 6:30 and coming up completely exhausted at 21. We found a new family this past week that are neighbors to Inacio and Efigenia that we are teaching now. They have a lot of promise and they are both excited to come to church next Sunday. She was sick this past Sunday and couldn’t come. Anyways we took Inacio and Efigenia with us to teach the Book of Mormon and the Law of chastity and they did so well. Inacio testified of the importance of reading everyday and Efigenia told them about how the Book of Mormon changed her life. Then they both talked about how because they had faith and a knowledge that the law of chastity was a commandment of God they knew that they would be able to get married. And it was one of the best lessons I’ve been to.

Nothing else super noteworthy happened this week. Just the usual drunk people that try and talk to us in English and end up failing. One funny story about this is we were in a chapa going home last night and I sat by these two drunk dudes who explained to me about a church out in Mozal started by this Italian dude. After we all got out they ran over to us and asked for our number and I gave them the number of another companionship that lives in our house. One cool thing that happened is that yesterday at church this random dude just showed up and we found out he lived in our area. Then we get a call from Elder Ujembe up in Beira who says that this guy just moved to our area that is supposed to be baptized this Saturday. So now we have a man and his son getting baptized this next Saturday and he’s really pumped. Elder Ujembe says that this guys golden and he has already received all the lessons.

[from a separate email to Mom & Dad]:

Sounds like trek was a way different experience than what I had. Instead of just one person dying from each family everyone died. (You can see my humor has improved.)  I can’t believe it was that hot. You guys probably look like me now. Did Stacy have any problems this time around? I actually don’t have a whole lot to say about trek. But I do have this. Any of those kids could probably come serve here now. All they have to do is learn Portuguese. Which is really, really, really, hard. I’ve actually gotten really good at it and it’s more fun to speak in Portuguese than in English in my opinion. It just flows so much better and it all rhymes and its musical sounding. At least to me. Probably when I come home and I speak Portuguese to you, you will think it sounds ugly. But it isn’t.

Also just a cool story that happened this week that I forgot to put in my weekly email. There is this South African guy named JP and he is an owner of a restaurant called mimos. Anyways he has been talking to Elder Reinstein almost every day and ended up inviting us all over for dinner. We all went and when we got there he threw these giant steaks on his grill along with one of those long swirly sausage things. It was the best food I have ever tasted in my life. And he has invited us over one more time before the end of the transfer for one more dinner. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and he is extremely prepared to hear the gospel. He had a very spiritual experience with the temple in Johannesburg and he really wants to learn more about the church. I don’t really have any other stories from this week. All in all it was kinda boring. At least for me. I feel like so many things that I see and experience here I take for granted but anyone else that would have just arrived here would be astounded. Also I am pretty sure I have forgotten what America is like. Hopefully I don’t become like Elder Abel and forget what my family looks like. (just kidding I have photos of you guys) Love you guys I’ll see you in 4 months when we skype!


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