Craziest Week

So this past week has probably been my craziest and busiest week on the mission. Yesterday we had a wedding and baptism at the church. So in order for the wedding to happen we had to do 3 things. 1st is get the couple rings that they can wear once the wedding is completed. 2nd is to make a cake for the wedding, and 3rd is to help the woman try on dresses that the church here owns.

So Wednesday Elder Rebollo and I run to a outdoor market to buy our couple some rings but once we got there we realized we didn’t know their size so it was pointless for us to have gone there. Then we run over to the church to help Efigenia and the Relief Society sister find and try on the dresses. Once we got there we start looking around and trying to find the dresses. Somehow it ends up that all four of the dresses that were supposed to stay in our chapel had ended up in T-3 which is Elder Rebollo’s old area as well as a 1 hour long chapa ride.

So on Thursday morning he and I grab a chapa out to T-3 get the dresses from Elder Thurston get back home, get the dresses to the church for Efigenia to try on and none of them end up fitting. So we start calling every missionary in the south of the country to try and find more wedding dresses and it turns out that they have 4 more in Maputo which is another hour away in a different direction.

So now it’s Friday and our casal does not have a dress or a cake for the wedding. We bought rings Thursday before we took the dresses to the church. So Friday we leave our house at 8 and hitchhike down to Maputo to go to the office for the dresses. We get them without problems and then we grab a chapela back home which is a little 3 wheel taxi-ish thing that the only protection you have is some plastic see through cover things. Anyways we finally get back home, call Efigenia to say we have her dresses and she tells us that….”Her mother-in-law already rented her one to use for the wedding.” So Elder Rebollo and I are kind of annoyed but whatever what are we gonna do. So we start building the cake for the wedding. The bottom half is chocolate with blue frosting and the top is vanilla with white frosting. I will include pictures of these cakes in this email. Anyways another dupla in the house Elder Palu and Elder Roberts are staying in because Elder Palu is sick. So we decide to send out Elder Rebollo and Elder Roberts so some missionary work can be done that day. So Elder Palu and I are trying to build the cakes and they start breaking.

Here is the cake we made.

Wedding Cake for Efigenia and Inacio - Created by Elder Keck and Elder Patu

Wedding Cake for Efigenia and Inacio – Created by Elder Keck and Elder Patu

So we are like well we have to buy one now but its just us home and we don’t have keys to get back into our apartment. So we sort of jerry rig the door locked and then start sprinting/jogging to Shoprite which is a mile and a half away. The reason we are running is because it’s late and we don’t know when it closes. Anyways we get there end up buying a cake which was a lot of money and run back home with it to make sure no one broke into our house. Luckily they didn’t and we got the new pretty cake to the wedding.

Here is the cake we bought.

Wedding cake for Efigenia and Inacio - created by Shoprite

Wedding cake for Efigenia and Inacio – created by Shoprite

Then after the wedding we go to the party at Inacio and Efigenia’s house and find a giant 3 tier cake all white and pink. Elder Palu and I just looked at each other and start busting up. And that was our week. Sorry the email was so long but I hope you all enjoy the story.

Elder Keck, Efigenia, Inacio, Elder Rebollo

Elder Keck, Efigenia, Inacio, Elder Rebollo

Efigenia & Inacio with Shopite wedding cake

Efigenia & Inacio with Shopite wedding cake

Efigenia & Inacio with Shopite wedding cake

Efigenia & Inacio with Shopite wedding cake

Elder Keck & Elder Robollo with Efigenia, Inacio & family

Elder Keck & Elder Robollo with Efigenia, Inacio & family

[By the way] any questions that you have please send in a separate email because it is easier to reply that way. Just title it questions and then you will get a reply. Now on to the answers.

1.       Have you received the package I sent you on June 18th? (the one with your contacts)  I am quite hesitant to send another if you haven’t received that one and with your birthday coming up soon, want to get something off to you if it takes so long.  If you haven’t received it, then I will probably just put extra cash in your account and tell you to go shopping on your P-Day and take your companion to lunch!  

No I have not gotten my package yet but I am hopeful that it will be coming in soon. I have found out the Ap’s haven’t gone and picked up packages for a little while so it could just be sitting in the mail box. I thing it should be coming in soon.

2.       Do you have a sister missionary, Sister Merkley, in your mission?  Noelle Briggs (President Briggs daughter in law that lives in our ward) says her cousin is serving in the Mozambique mission and is wondering.

We do have a Sister Merkley in our mission. She is cool and a good worker.

3.        Have you had to speak in church yet?

Yes I have had to speak in church as well as teach a gospel principles class without any notice.

4.       How has your judge with the two wives been progressing?  Can he be baptized if he is married to two women?

Good. We found out it was a misunderstanding. He actually only has one unofficial wife. The other one is an ex-wife. She abandoned him and went up to Tete with their children. He has been coming to church solidly now, he is just hard to sit with because he is busy and wealthy.

5.  Are you still teaching Nascir and Marta?


6.       Are you still teaching Seljio and Zerita?


7.       Are you still teaching Zelia and her two children?

We are now teaching them the recent convert lessons. They were baptized two weeks ago on July 12th. I think I sent pictures home. And we had a terrible lesson with them last night because the drunk abusive ex-husband was there, and we were super awkward and the 12 year old Alberto was acting like a punk trying to seem cool in front of his dad. I got really annoyed with him and ignored him for the rest of the lesson. I will be having stern words with him the next time we see him.

Love you all have a good week!

[Here are a few bonus pictures I stole from Elder Reinstein’s blog which were posted last week!  (Is that legal???]

2014 07-21 and more soccer 2014 07-21 more soccer yet 2014 07-21 Playing soccer


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