Things are really cooling off

So it’s been about 75 degrees here throughout the past couple of weeks and it’s really sucked. I have been coming home shivering every night and have taken to sleeping in a sweatshirt with my hood on and also socks. I never tought I would become like my mother but unfortunately I have. I have no doubt that when I come home I will be wearing a sweatshirt all around the house and complain about how cold it is in the middle of summer. Sorry Mom. So things are going great-ish here. We have a lot of good progressing families and are super pumped about them, but our Mission has a goal to find one new family a day to teach. Unfortunately we were only able to find one in the whole week. We would have our hours double or triple marked with new lessons and one by one they would all drop on us. After this happened for about 4 days in a row we went home pretty discouraged. Then our district leader gave a district meeting about how in theend stats don’t matter. What matters is the friends that you have made on the mission and what you’ve done to help those friends in their salvation. It really helped me to realize what it is I need to do to be the best missionary I can be.

We didn’t really have any crazy stories this week. We did get to go to a wedding for one of Elder Williams old investigators. Unfortunately I didn’t think to bring my camera because it wasnt my wedding. But it was a ton of fun. Love you all! Good luck in your endeavors


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