Still no pictures… [June 9, 2014 letter]

So yes, I promised some pictures last week but then the internet went down on the other computer in the place and I had to share my time with Elder Thomas so he could email his family as well. This week will be pictures though I promise. As for my new companion, Elder Williams, he is really cool. He is from Lehi Utah and is on his 7th transfer. He served 3 in the Manga 2 ward, 2 in Matola 2, and this will be his second in Matola 1. We’ve decided that the reason we are a co-senior companionship is because he speaks really good Portuguese and I know the area and the members and all the investigators. We are both always able to feel the spirit from the other when we are teaching and the investigators feel it as well. We currently have 3 families that are on track for the 12 of July to be baptized. Its been different having a different companion but its been a lot of fun.

Cool story from this week. We called a road contact to sit with and we finally sat with him. We didn’t have time to teach the Restoration so we did an “Our Purpose” lesson. They accepted marriage and baptism after a quick 10 minute lesson. We are going to start their documents this week. Also Ignacio and Efigenia are on their way to getting their process opened which is a huge blessing.

We have seen a lot of blessings in the work this week and have received a lot of new investigators as well as a lot of major progress in our progressing investigators. We’ve been extremely blessed and pray constantly that we can continue to be blessed. I love you all and can’t wait to hear from you again.

[His internet connection went down while trying to send pictures so no pictures this week again :(]


Elder Keck


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