não sei

So this has been another week of miracles.  One of our investigators has two wives that he’s had kids with and all this – not good things. Well he was at church yesterday and Elder Williams, my companion, was sitting with him and the man turned to Elder Williams after Sacrament meeting and he was like “Let’s say that a man had done something that was very wrong with two women and he wanted to stop and make restitutions with them, how would someone go about this?”  Well Elder Williams recommended that he talk to our branch president and get some counseling from him and figure out what to do and this guy said he’d do that which is awesome. We will be opening the two marriage processes this week and two families will be married and baptized on the 19th of July which is next transfer and I may not still be here but it’s not a huge deal to me whether I’m here or not just as long as they get married and baptized and stay active. We have a lot of miracles happening in this area and it’s been amazing to see. I unfortunately don’t have to much to say about this week it was fairly normal and we didn’t have anything amazing stand out to us this week. I love you all and I love reading all of your emails every week.  That’s literally all that I have to say this week. Sorry everyone.

Elder Keck


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