Miracle Week [June 16, 2014 letter]

Me and Elder Williams have been extremely blessed this past week. We are on track to open 3 families processes this week and have 4 complete families baptized on the 12th of July. He and i will be working our butts off to get those processes open or we will die trying. To explain who they are the first family is Ignacio and Efigenia. They have done every single document themselves and have payed for it all themselves as well. They are a family that was no doubt prepared by the hand of the Lord and will be amazing members of the church here in Mozambique. The next is Nascir and Marta who I have been with the whole time now and we are finally getting them to open the process this week. The next is Seljio and Zerita who I began teaching with Elder Abel and will finish with Elder Williams. The last is a Mom named Zelia and her 2 kids. her story is different. Her family are neighbors to an extremely active family in our ward and her 12 year old son has been coming to church with this family for the past 3 months. Elder Williams and I invited him to be baptized on the 12 as well. Then we get a text from the branch president saying that he has to have complete support of the family as well or he can’t be baptized. So we went to her house taught the restoration to all of them, invited them to church. The whole family came. (the dad’s not in the picture) We then went back that day and invited her to be baptized with her son. SHE ACCEPTED!!! She said that she knows that our church is the true one and they will be baptized as a family!!! Its amazing what happens. I don’t think I have much else to say but just know that I love you all and pray for you all. It’s amazing to see the hand of the Lord here in Mozambique. Next week I hope I have good news about the processes.

Oh! One more story. We [stopped] at the church [one day] which is in our area

and as we are walking out the guard comes over and gives us a business card saying that a man had driven into the church parking lot, gets out of his car looks around for 5 minutes or so (if you are wondering why the guard didn’t say anything to him it will be explained) After looking around the man comes over, gives his card to the guard and says that he wants to come to our church. This man lives in my area, is an extremely wealthy high up in the government judge for Mozambique. Me and Elder Williams began to teach him and we have a lot of high hopes for him. That is all. Thank you for all your emails. Love you all!

Elder Keck

Matola Mozambique:

2014 06-09 My Area 2014 06-09 My Area 2

First Area - Matola Mozambique

First Area – Matola Mozambique

Elder Keck and Elder Abel

Elder Keck and Elder Abel

Elder Keck & Elder Abel

Elder Keck & Elder Abel

Elder Keck and Elder Abel (his trainer and district leader)

Elder Keck and Elder Abel (his trainer and district leader)


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