Transfer 3 begins

So transfers were today. I am very sad to announce that Elder Abel is leaving Matola 1 to be ZL up in Beira. I am staying here in Matola 1 with my new companion Elder Williams. Our companionship is what’s called a senior-senior companionship. He and I our both Senior Comps.

This means that he and I split the work and the lessons 50-50. I will be introducing him to the area and leading us around for the first few days because he doesn’t know it at all. I am very excited to work with him and be out of training and get into the real work on my own.

Last night was a very sad night for me. Elder Abel and I both had a feeling that he was leaving and so we went around to all our progressing investigators and he said goodbye to them all and told them that he would be leaving today. We could feel the spirit and the love we each had for our investigators as he said goodbye and we each told them how close we have felt to them. I am happy that I am still in Matola but I will miss him alot. What else is new is that Elder Hunsaker who was in the MTC with me will be in my district this transfer and I will get to live with him again. I am excited for that.

I don’t have any exciting news this week unfortunately other than we have started the work on Ignacio and Efigenia’s documents for marriage. Actually we haven’t done anything for it. They have done it all themselves and have plans to finish up all the ones she needs and we are gonna try and get his going this week and get that all started.

I love you all, and I am so happy to be here in Mozambique serving the Lord and building his church here where religion is really all people hold dear to here. Thank you all for your support and love. Until next week.

Elder Keck


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