May 26, 2014 – Miracles

So this is the last week of my second transfer here in Mozambique. That means that next Monday will be an extremely stressful day especially if I am transferred. I don’t know who has already heard about this from President Kretly (see below) but our mission boundaries were just realigned. Now I have the opportunity to not only serve in Mozambique but also Swaziland. We were talking to the AP’s today who had come out to our area to play soccer and basketball and found out that missionaries will be interchanged throughout the two countries. Swaziland is an English-speaking country and so odds are no Cape Verdans, Mozambicans, Brazilians, or Angolans will serve there that are already here on the Mission because none of them speak English, so the American English-speaking missionaries may be getting another stamp on their passport. This was extremely huge news for us here in the field but probably doesn’t surprise anyone back home or in other missions. And I really don’t think I will get sent to Swaziland. They speak English there and they wouldn’t send someone who still has to practice their Portuguese. But you never know how the Lord works. I’ll go wherever I am needed.

Now onto some miracles that I have witnessed in the past two weeks. So since I first got to Matola we have been fighting and working our butts off to get a frequency of 250 people in sacrament meeting. When I got here we were averaging about 180 or so then the past couple weeks we were hovering around 215, after that we jumped up to 232. And finally as of yesterday we hit a frequency of…..259!!!!! There were 259 people who came to sacrament meeting yesterday. Its been a fight but we were finally able to achieve it through prayer, hard work, and fasting.  Also, we added a set of missionaries to our ward so they can focus on a big area that hasn’t been receiving a lot of attention. They have been working with a lot of less-actives and have been finding new investigators as well.

The chapel is fairly big and we also have a big overflow area that has yet to be opened. Their is room for all the people so its just up to us to get them there.

Another miracle I am extremely excited to share is a family that we met two weeks ago. Their names are Ignacio and Efigenia. They have a 3-year-old daughter and have been together for 7 years. They haven’t missed church since we started teaching them and are extremely intelligent. Something that has amazed us is their interest in progressing. I will now explain. We taught them the restoration and they came to church. Then we went to teach them O Livro de Mormon that night. We finished it and asked if they had any questions. Ignacio said “I have one. We heard today that in order to be baptized and become members of the church we have to get married. Is that true? Because if it is we’ve discussed it and it’s something we would really like to do.” Elder Abel and I were beyond ecstatic. Then we went with a member that week and taught them the full Lei de Castidade lesson. They accepted and came to church the next Sunday. We went and visited them after church and read some scriptures with them. At the end Ignacio was like “I have another question. I was talking to a friend that is also investigating the church, and he told me that we aren’t allowed to smoke or drink. Is this true?” We responded, “Yes, it is.” All he said in reply was “Good I’m glad I didn’t quit for nothing.” This man had heard that in the church we don’t drink so he took it on himself to quit drinking and smoking on his own. This may not sound like a miracle to people but without sounding stuck up, you don’t know the Mozambican people. I love them but getting them to do anything is like pulling a tooth every time. For someone to quit on his own initiative is a miracle.

We did have to push the baptisms back to June 21st. We weren’t able to get the documents done in time. So we have to open the process this week so they can be married on June 21st. We are also gonna try and set up another casamento colletivo in July as well. For some other couples we are working with. Hopefully it all works out.

No one will ever have all the documents they need to get married like from the get go. We have to get them to do almost all of them. We were working with another couple but he had problems with the word of wisdom that he has overcome and her dad died so she’s been out of town for half the transfer. We’ve had to visit him every other day to make sure he is doing strong. You also asked about a few other couples. Z and L are still doing well but they missed church yesterday so they only have one more chance to make it back. And if they don’t they are dropped. The other couple was O and N and they haven’t been back to church since week 3 of transfer one which was a huge disappointment but it taught me that you can’t really judge someone until they are in the font being baptized.

I’ve been extremely blessed this transfer, and I know as long as I continue to be obedient and work as hard as possible I will continue to be blessed throughout the transfer. Thank you all for your emails.

Elder Keck

President Kretly’s email:

Dear Elders Sisters, Parents and Leaders, from Mozambique Maputo Mission,

We are very excited to announce that we have receive from the First Presidency of the Church the have anounced that our Mission have been realingned.

Starting effective today, besides the Country of Mozambique, the beautiful country of SWAZILAND was added in our mission. Located on the south border of Mozambique, and about 1:40 min by car from Maputo (130km ).

This country have 1.2 million people, it’s is a Monarchy  and a very safe and stable place. We have there one District with 4 branches and one group. About 1350 members. Two beautiful chapels, 14 wonderful  missionaries and one incredible Senior Couple Missionaries. We have been there this weekend and we were amazed with how kind and special are the members and the people in general.

Our goal now is, work hard and help the Lord to do Miracles there like He is doing in Mozambique. We will work for a Stake there. Please, let’s pray and work hard to make that happen. The Lords wants families to be baptize there and the leadership and the members are all very exited about this news.

Thanks for all your prayers and support, we love you all,

President and Sister Kretly


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