May 19, 2014 – Open House in Matola

So, unfortunately I am in a place that I can’t send pictures from so there aren’t any this week.

As for cool things that happened this past week, our chapel here in Matola had an open house and people were able to come and be shown around and be taught the restoration in 5 minutes. The first two nights were not very successful but apparently the 3rd night was crazy successful because of two reasons: 1. The sisters were there and so we just mentioned to these young guys we would try and get in was that these white girls would be the ones showing them around and they would immediately go in; and 2. President Kretly was the one teaching the restoration to the ones that came in.  Probably no one knows this but President Kretly is very famous here and in Brazil. All we had to do was tell older people that they could meet Paulo Kretly and that got them in there. Also we have a current goal of 250 frequency in our branch here. This past week our frequency was at 232 which is awesome. Elder Abel and I found this new family we are pumped to work with called Zephenias and Laura. We taught them once and they came to church early on Sunday and sat together and stayed the whole time. It was a huge blessing. I don’t have to much more to say this week sorry. But I appreciate everyone’s emails and look forward to them next week.

Love you all! Elder Keck


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