So another week has flown by and they just get faster and faster. It was great to hear from everyone on Mothers day and find out that you are all doing well. I was extremely trunky after that call and for those who don’t know the meaning of that word it means kind of like homesick but also not. It’s hard to explain it. The missionaries who are receiving this email will understand. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well and I even got to hear a word from Ryan.  

As for this past week some cool things happened. The first is this: We were commissioned by the Office Elders to go and take pictures of a wedding that they weren’t able to attend. What this means is we got to go to the wedding where they have very good soda and food and enjoy some Mozambique wedding transitions, Not to different than American other than the Choir of old black women singing in xhangana. But weddings are the only time missionaries are allowed to eat Mozambican food. Which is some of the best food in the world.

Another cool thing that happened this week is one of the lessons we had. We had contacted this man one time who we found out was a leader in another church. He was officially married but generally you don’t mess with leaders of churches. We then ran into this man 5 other times randomly in our area. We took it as a sign to sit with him. So to prepare for that lesson we called the Second Counselor in the Branch Presidency for Matola 2 (which is not my ward). The reason we called him is because this man whose name is Soares was a very big leader in the ** Church before he was baptized in our church. We wanted to bring him as back up. Unfortunately, as we expected, it turned into a bible bash. Which we won. This man kept pulling out scriptures and we were able to counter them all. He gave up before we could even get to the Joseph Smith story. We were extremely grateful for Soares’ willingness to help. We then found out that he actually lives in our Branch Boundaries and now are hoping some things will happen and he will be moved to our ward. 

It seems like everything we do is hard no matter what way we try and approach it but when its all over its so rewarding and feels so good. I will see if I can learn how to cook like a Mozambican and cook some of the dishes we see here. There is something called feijuada that I never thought I’d like but has turned into one of my favorite foods.  Its a sauce you put on rice and it usually has tomatoes garlic onions some other spices and beans and also some kind of meat is put in it. Its extremely filling and good. 

[I found a recipe for it in case anyone wants to try it at ]

We get money at the beginning of every month. We actually get more than most other missionaries because we can’t eat with the members and we can’t drink the water here so we either have to drink nothing the whole day or go and buy something – hence soda. Its very impractical to carry around water everywhere. Also no one lives in their areas except one dupla so we have to take transportation to get here. We are cautioned to save some every month as an emergency fund in case we need to get to the office quickly.

I think that’s all for this week. I love you all and am excited to read your emails next week,

Love Elder Keck 


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