The Wedding Planner

So as of today I have been out for two transfers or 3 months. Time has flown here in the field. The days feel long but the weeks go by quick. Today was our transfer day and luckily I am still here in the Matola 1 ward and am still with Elder Abel. The rest of the house stays the same except for the fact that we have 2 more Elders who are joining the house so we will actually have 8 missionaries in the Matola 1 ward.

Just so you guys want an insight into my life here, since I have left home I have currently lost 50 pounds. I went on a division with Elder Reinstein one day this past week and he decided to carry a pedometer with him. We took 25,000 steps in one day of work and walked a little over 15 miles in the boiling hot sun. So if you want to drop weight fast do what I have been doing. Eat only 2 meals a day and walk 15 miles a day in 100 degree weather.

I am extremely happy that everyone is here because for the past two weeks we have been planning a huge wedding. I don’t know if you have all seen the pictures of the big group weddings that they put on here but we are about to do one on the 17th of May. Elder Abel and I will be bringing 3 couples who will be getting married and baptized. Elders Jarvis and Schacterle are bringing 2 couples, and Elder Reinstein and Bourne are bringing one. Then there are 3 couples coming from the missionaries in Matola 2. So the two wards are working together to put on this huge party for the 9 couples and then a huge baptism as well. You will all definitely be seeing pictures of this.

So for a couple to get married each person has to have these 3 documents that are all done at different places. They all cost a decent chunk of money. THen once they have the documents they have to go to the register and open the process, which also costs money. Then they have to wait 20 days before they can actually get married. So the huge deal here is making sure the process is open at least 20 days before they are scheduled to be baptized.

Also Elder Abel told me that I will be doing the baptizing of all the people we are bringing so you will get to see those pictures as well. I am extremely excited about it and can’t wait to be here for it. I am extremely grateful for all that we have been blessed with this transfer. I hope that I will continue to have this much success. We are going today to take care of documents for 2 of the couples. Its going to be a crazy busy week for us but I am super excited.

I am also happy that I am staying with Elder Abel. He and I are super good friends and we are able to work extremely hard together.  He has been a trainer since his 3rd transfer in the field (he is going into his 8th) and has been a district leader since his 4th transfer. I have no doubt that he will be going ZL by next transfer. He is great to learn from and I am loving it here. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to send this week but I hope this email was detailed enough.

I love all of you and think about you often.

Elder Keck


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