Last P-Day before transfers

So as the subject line says this will be my last P-day before we find out if we get transferred. I really hope I don’t. I love it here in Matola. Everyone is super nice we have a ton of families that we are teaching and that have accepted to be married and baptized. It’s a huge blessing.

So luckily the rainy season is ending not beginning. The way the seasons work here is the hot rainy season are about September-March and the cold dry season is March-September. But a rain jacket is not needed. We carry around all our pamphlets and books and planners in plastic bags inside our backpacks so that when it starts to rain everything stays dry. We also make sure we have an umbrella whenever we leave the house as well.

There haven’t really been any crazy stories from this week that I can think of. One cool thing that happened was that since my companion Elder Abel is the district leader of the Matola 1 district he has to go on a transfer with one of the Zone leaders once a transfer, which means I go on a transfer with the other one. On Tuesday night we met Elder Peterson and Elder Gomes at the chapel in Matola and we switched. I was with Elder Gomes for the next 24 hours. He is a native Portuguese speaker from Cape Verde. It was a very good learning experience and I felt that it helped me grow in a lot of different areas.

We were able to learn how to do cement like garden statues earlier today. I forgot my camera so I didn’t get any pictures of that but it was still a cool fun thing to learn.

I think that might be it for this email. Next week we get to watch general conference and I get to try and understand that. Hope I can.

Love Elder Keck


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