Q&A (Mom’s Q’s & Nate’s A’s)

Are you getting enough to eat? Yes I get enough to eat. I eat toast or pancakes every morning for breakfast and a peanut-butter banana shake. Then at lunch I either cook top ramen or a burger or a grilled cheese or something like that.

What kinds of things do you eat for dinner? I don’t eat dinner. Only breakfast and lunch. This is because we work through dinner. Our schedule is breakfast, leave at 8, work till 12, eat lunch till 13, do our studies, leave again until 21 or 21:30.

Do you cook yourself? Yes I cook for myself.

Do you need any recipes?  No I’m good on recipes for right now.

How much does it cost to take the bus to Maputo?  It costs 10 met a person to get to Maputo from here. Thats about 30 cents a person. The real cost is in time.

When you went to Maputo for “immigration” what does that mean exactly? We got our visas certified and approved I think. I don’t really know.

What kind of “training” did you have to do? It was a new missionary training about some of the rules unique to our mission as well as some things we should focus on during the first 12 weeks.

How often are transfers? Transfers are every 6 weeks.

Do you only speak Portuguese – even in your apartment?  We try to only speak Portuguese outside of the house but inside the house we don’t. Because by the time we are in the home everyone is to tired to try.

P.S.  I met an elder going to Armenia in the MTC [referring to Steve Gallardo’s call to Armenia]. I believe he was there for either 9 or 12 weeks. All I know is it is a very long time. Also that’s awesome that Alayna is going to Paris [referring to Alayna Hudson’s call to Paris, France]. It’s no Africa but oh well, not everyone can be lucky enough to be called here.


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