Tough Week

After pleading with Nate for a detailed email, this is what we got:

I’m glad that you all want to hear more from me but its hard. Just be grateful I’m not like Elder Abel (my companion) who hasn’t gotten to email his family for the past 3 weeks because he is the district leader and has to write about every single Elder in our district to President Kretly. I will try my best to be more detailed but its hard.

This last week was extremely hard for us. We were out all day Monday helping our two top families get their documents done for their wedding. Then Tuesday after getting rejected by everyone and having all of our lessons drop, we decide we are gonna go see Daniel and Rosa. These two are our number one couple that we were teaching. While there we found out they are moving, but only one road. Unfortunately that road is the division line between us and a dupla in the Matola 2 branch so we lost them to another set of Elders which was hard. Then Thursday we went and saw our former number 2 now number 1 family Sale and Janet. They informed us that they are moving from Matola to Mussumboluco, which is also in a diffirent area. So we lost our two top families to other Elders this week. This made both Elder Abel and I a little grumpy and we started snapping at eachother. Normally we get along super well but those two days were rough. We have 4 other couples right now that are currently working on their documents for marriage and 3 more that we are preparing to teach the Law of Chastity to. Hopefully they accept the marriage and baptism we propose after that.

This week I went on a division with an Elder named Elder Bourne and saw his area. To give everyone an idea of the Matola 1 area Elders Bourne and Reinstein [from MTC] proselyte in Matola A and Matola C. Elder Abel and I have Matola B, Matola D, and Taxalom. Elders Jarvis and Shachterle have Malhampsene (pronounced Mashwanshenie) and Tchumene. So Friday I got to see Matola A and C with Elder Bourne. I don’t have any pictures of the area I’m serving in but I’ll try to find a way to take some. I do workout every morning in our house. We have a few metal bars that had cement harden around the ends to make dumbells so we use those. We also have a stata to lie on while we do sit-ups and stretches. In other news a dog showed up in our yard one day, and it won’t leave. Its extremely nice and is always excited to see us but it never leaves. We’ve tried everything. We haven’t had any storms since the last one just a few minor showers.

We get to watch conference the 19th and 20th of April in Portuguese. we do have a zone conference this Wednesday which apparently always have a ton of food so that will be nice. Brian will get excited once he gets to his mission. It seems like the time out here goes by super fast. I’ve already been here for a month and it seems like its only been a week. I’m sure I’ll have some times when it goes by super slow but from what everyone says the first and the last transfers our the slowest so if this is slow than I guess it will go by even faster.  

I’m all out of things to write about, but I hope this was detailed enough.

My room:


Our makeshift closet:





Maputo Zone Conference on 4/2/14 (from President Kretly’s blog)


Maputo Zone Conference on 4/2/14 (from President Kretly’s blog)



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