Rainstorms and Marriage Documents

Sorry – I forgot to post this message last week so these are out of order:

This may not be my best email because I am crazy tired. Elder Abel decided last night that in order to help two couples we are teaching get married quickly we had to wake up at 5 and go do their documents with them. So we did. It was also super hot today and I had to wear the tie and all that good stuff. We currently as a district have a goal to get our sacrament meeting frequency at 250 a week. SO if you are reading this please pray for the Matola 1 district and the matola 1 branch. We have had two terrential rainstorms in the past two weeks. We’ve been caught in both of them. In the last one we had to help a drunk guy get home and that was a struggle. It’s been fun though. We walk a buttload and sweat an even bigger buttload. I think I’m getting used to the heat finally which is good. We now have 20 people marked for a wedding and baptism date. And thats just the parents of the families not their kids as well. I love you all and look forward to more of your emails.


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