Official Week 1

This past week was crazy. We had to take buses to Maputo and back twice in two days. It cost us a lot of time and money. It took us away from the work for a lot of hours.

Funny story so as a rule the missionaries aren’t allowed to eat at members homes. One night Elder Abel and I were meeting with a family named Daniel and Rosa and we were all talking than Daniel whispers something to Rosa. She gets up and leaves. Then Daniel proceeds to tell us that he and Rosa talked about it and they have decided to get serious about getting married and baptized. Elder Abel and I congratulate them and then daniel says “to celebrate we made you food” and out of nowhere Rosa comes out and sets these plates of food on our laps. I just look down and look at Elder Abel and he says “I’m sorry man, we’re trapped we have to eat it.” It was this crazy good dish of rice, beans, and chicken (which we didn’t eat) and the entire time home Elder Abel is just apologizing.

But yeah the food we eat here is very normal. We shop at this place called shoprite. Its basically an albertsons. The fruit we buy on the street here is to die for though. In my area we have this really good fruit stand which is like a two minute walk from the church so we buy fruit and go wash it at the church and then eat it. I found out thursday that as of right now,

Elder abel and I have 14 investigators marked with a baptismal date and weill have 20 by the end of this week.

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures but I haven’t been able to take any because we aren’t allowed to proselyte with our cameras so the only time we take them is on P-days and baptisms. I found out today that since I left on the mission I have lost a bit of weight. I’m pretty sure that’s all been here. I sweat a lot during the day and I never eat very much. I eat enough to stay healthy though. Love you all can’t wait to hear from you next week.

Elder Keck


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