ESTOU AQUI!!!! (I am here)

Mozambique is crazy. The second we stepped out of the airport the culture shock got real. Everyone was way friendly and waved to all these pale white guys. A lot of the kids here just stare at me as I walk past. One little girl walked past me and my companion and kept saying “chong chong ching chong ching”. I looked at Elder Abel and I was like “What’s that about?” and he said that all the little kids here think that people who aren’t black are chinese. That cracked me up.

Just so everyone knows my companion is Elder Abel, he is from southern Oregon, has been out for a little less than a year,he is the district leader of our district as well as my trainer, speaks fluent Portuguese and a little bit of the dialect here that helps us make friends.

I am not directly in Maputo actually. I am currently in the Matola zone serving in Matola 1. All of our lessons take place out doors in these plastic lawn chairs. This is because the insides of houses are to hot for anyone to stay in. Everyone is outside all the time here. Yesterday we had a lesson outside this house that was 4 wooden poles dug  into the ground with tarps hung over the top of it. The people here are so humble and willing to accept the gospel its amazing.

I started with Elder Abel Friday night. This is already an amazing story so pay attention. It was Friday night we were out walking around making contacts, and we see a man and his wife sitting out in their yard with their baby. We go up and talk about their baby, it was brand new. We asked if we could come and meet them the next day and teach them a message about the restoration. He gets excited and says yes. So we go Saturday, teach a great lesson and ask them to be baptized, they say yes and we are happy. We remind them that we have church on Sunday and we’d  love to see him and his wife there. Thankfully they come. I sit with them and talk with them between meetings about what they think so far and they both really liked it. Then Sunday night we went to thank them for coming and follow up about it. We were outside their house knocking when they came up behind us. We talked to them and found out that they were just having dinner with some friends and were looking at a house in the area for their friends to rent out. Olfoso then tells us that he invited his friend to come to church with him next week and meet with the missionaries (us) as well. He’s only known about our church for 3 days and he’s already doing missionary work. It’s such a blessing.  We are currently teaching 13 families and most of them are working on getting married and baptized. Its amazing here teaching these people.

Just so everyone knows I don’t have any pictures right now but the ones you will see my head will be shaved. An Elder shaved it all down and gave me a three all over. Its weird but feels way better.  So if you liked my hair sorry. I have been sun burnt for the past 3 days which is good because I got a lot of weird looks cuz I was so white.  So, I have no hair and am either sun burnt or tan everywhere else. An elder from Cape Verde (Island off of west coast of Africa) told all the new elders we’d look like him in about a week. It was funny.The jet lag wore off after my first night in the field.  I fell asleep right away. I haven’t slept with a blanket since I’ve been here because it’s too hot and I’m too tired. I haven’t been able to lie in my bed for more than 5 minutes without falling asleep. Our room does have an air conditioner which makes it livable.

It’s too risky to send packages, but mail is generally alright. Just don’t put anything valuable in it. And if you do put like a picture of the Virgin Mary or Jesus somewhere visible.

Love you all so much can’t wait to here from you next week.


One thought on “ESTOU AQUI!!!! (I am here)

  1. I get a #2 all over once a month. It does help you keep cool in the summer. I have been told by one of my co-workers in the temple that he had a grandson serve the same place you are, He told him about the people being ready to here the gospel, and how it was a pleasure to work with them and teach them. God bless you nate!!

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