And he’s off…

At the Phoenix airport – Elder Keck with Elder Hunsaker, Elder Badger, Elder Reinstein, and Elder Dustin

Nate called last night from Johannesburg at about 10:00 p.m. our time and we got to talk to him for about 45 minutes before he boarded the plane for the last leg of his journey to Maputo.  He was pretty exhausted but excited to be nearing his destination.  He said it was VERY hot and sticky there in Johannesburg (and it was only 8 a.m.!)

Just in case I missed you earlier, I’m attaching the photo taken by a woman at the Phoenix airport.  Nate told us last night that when she saw them she told them that she had two sons who had served missions and asked them if anyone wanted to use her cell phone to call home (which some who hadn’t yet been able to do that did) and then took their picture and had them all write down their parents cell phone numbers or email address so she could send the picture to us.

Nate got sick after landing in London (had trouble with the plane driving around on the ground) but the flight to Johannesburg was better.  On the flight to London he said he and the other tallest missionary in his district were both stuck in the very middle of the middle row of the plane.  On the flight to Johannesburg they told the other missionaries they were with that they got the aisle seats and didn’t care where their tickets said they were supposed to sit so had more leg room on that flight.  Some of us will never know just how hard it is to be tall!

He said it cost him $95 (!) to check his 2nd bag!  Wow!  But it’s worth it!  I couldn’t imagine trying to go to Africa without that 2nd bag.

Nate says that his teachers at the MTC thought that they would be comfortable with the language within about four months.  He also said that the rumor about going on a safari with President Kretley was a false rumor L  He DID get to dry clean his suit before he left which was concerning me.  Now that I think about it, I bet that’s why he was wearing just a shirt & tie in the picture with Mike & April.  Nate says that Mike & April got to spend last weekend at Cherise’s!  I had no idea senior missionaries got such great perks!


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