Week 4 – Provo, UT MTC

It’s great that you all got to spend Sunday with Mike and April. They must be getting excited about going. As always if anyone desires to send me something I will not discourage it. It’s always nice to receive something in the MTC. Thank you all for your support as I take on the new calling. Its gotten a lot better and I’m able to focus on learning the language and the gospel again. We did find out last Friday that we do get to host the new missionaries coming in this Wednesday and next Wednesday. We are all extremely excited and juiced to welcome the new Missionaries to the Compound…I mean the MTC.

So in exciting news we had a devotional the 16th of February and the speaker was President Matthew Holland, the president of Utah Valley University. He is the son of a Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. Elder Holland also came to the devotional!!!! He introduced his son and then his son gave probably one of the best devotionals I have ever heard. President Holland spoke about the moments in Joseph Smith’s early life leading up to him reaching Palmyra, and how we all need to become students of the life of Joseph Smith because without a testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet we can’t have a testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon or any of the principles taught in that as well as the Doctrine and Covenants.
Every Friday in the MTC we do something called TRC which is where we go and speak to real members of the church that are having troubles right now, whether its with church or with school and things like that. Anyways all of ours speak Portuguese obviously, its just a really neat experience. Well we found out last Friday that this Friday we will be skyping with people from Mozambique and Portugal. So its going to be really tough but at the same time really cool to hear how they actually talk and what not. In other cool news we have an Elder in our zone named Elder Zwick, and last Tuesday the speaker for the devotional happened to be an Elder Zwick as well. It turns out it was our Elder Zwick’s uncle and our Elder Zwick got to sit in the front row. It was also a good devotional.
Now on to things I’ve learned about Mozambique. Irmão Workman who served in Mozambique told us that for 3 of his transfers, he and his companion had to build their own house once they got there. He also told us that we will spend a lot of time building houses in our areas while we serve as well, so that will be cool. He also told us that ties down in Mozambique start at about $0.45 and can be haggled down to $0.30. So obviously I may be coming back with a lot of ties. Dad and grandpa If you two want me to pick some up for you I’d be more than happy to do so. He also told us that you will get robbed at knife/gunpoint a few times if you serve in some of the bigger cities, but he told us how to avoid losing all the real money. He said to get a cheap wallet and keep about $6 in it and just if you get robbed to give them that money. You keep your real money tucked away in your planner or missionary handbook so they don’t get that. He also told us that our houses can be broken into as well but that’s never a huge deal because each apartment will get outfitted with a safe where you keep all of your real valuables such as a camera, passport, etc. There is a picture in one of the buildings here at the MTC that is of a baptism taking place in Africa, and it shows the two people in the water doing the actual ordinance, and then to each side there is about a line of 6 people all holding spears and harpoons and whatnot in case of any alligators trying to disrupt the baptism.
Don’t let any of those things worry you though. I am extremely excited to get going to Mozambique and start doing the real work there, even if it is a little dangerous.
Love all of you, Elder Keck

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